Kenya has my heart in more than one way, but ‘Should I stay or should I go?’

The first time I ended up en Kenya was to finish my Master's degree. For half a year I researched the connection between pastoralism, wild parks and luxury tourism in Laikipia. During that time I’ve gotten to know the country, I made friends, travelled around, have fallen in love and I’ve discovered how difficult it is to make another country your own.

How a Maasai lady inspires, connects and mobilizes other women

Twala is not the only thing that concerns Rosemary. I am talking with her in her shop in Il Polei about her advocacy work for women’s rights, emancipation and her battle against FGM. The best way to stop FGM according to her is to talk with the women who execute the circumcisions. "If there is no-one to execute the circumcisions, the ritual will slowly die out."

What is it like to see your big love again after five months?

Our reunion was at five o clock in the morning after a sleepless night for the both of us. It was a quiet, and heartfelt romantic moment between the two of us. Sometimes it is not necessary to use a lot of words or to have an epic grandiose drama.

The walking Maasai

Photo by Sneha on Unsplash A Maasai man is walking through his newly discovered lands. It is a very exciting walk because he has not been in this country before and it feels empty and completely new to him. About ten minutes into his walk he sees something very interesting. It’s an animal with a long grey nose … Continue reading The walking Maasai

Rose started a shelter in Kenya for rescued girls

This is Rose Orguba. She is a woman from the Rendille tribe in Northern Kenya. She is still living there because she wants to be close to her own people to fight for the rights of girls and women of her tribe.

Another reason she lives in the North is because she still loves her culture, despite its negative sides. She does not only fight against early-childhood marriages and female genital mutilation, but also for the emancipation and independence of woman in general.