Dangerously Sad

You can wear red lipstick when you cry, because streaming tears won’t ruin it. Flaunt inch long lashes and let the tears add some shine. Have a look that stops men breathing to hide your own shortness of breath. Tiredness is hidden in shapewear, sighs in a luxurious drag of my cigarette, and the hesitation … Continue reading Dangerously Sad


How the sea became

There are two lovers: sand and water.  The two cannot be together, because they are different parts of the world and destined to spend their life apart.  Sand won’t be sand with water, and water will not be water when sand is added. Both live their lives in different parts of the world: one lost … Continue reading How the sea became

The walking Maasai

Photo by Sneha on Unsplash A Maasai man is walking through his newly discovered lands. It is a very exciting walk because he has not been in this country before and it feels empty and completely new to him. About ten minutes into his walk he sees something very interesting. It’s an animal with a long grey nose … Continue reading The walking Maasai

Rose started a shelter in Kenya for rescued girls

This story is a translation of an article I wrote for the Dutch website 'Wereldwijven'.  A site which tells inspiring stories about or from woman all over the world. This article is about Rose, a Kenyan lady who fights for the rights and freedom of girls and woman. Click the link to read the original … Continue reading Rose started a shelter in Kenya for rescued girls